Craptions Classics June 02, 2006

Man, those fucking penguins better be good tippers.

Linux fan

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Remember: that's 443-PZZA!

(Include the 'I' and you're never going to get your fucking pizza)

mike hunt

"Here it is, one Meat Feast and one Hawaiian. Sorry, we had trouble getting the Mexican through customs..."


"Alright sir. Here's your medium pizza. Including delivery fee, that's gonna be about $3568.92. Oh, and I don't take credit card."


"Sorry about the mix-up. You may want to check this pizza bag for impact damage."
"That's okay. You may want to check this parachute for cheese."

Senor Taco

...and the multimillion dollar company Delta airlines was forced to declare bankruptcy due to a lack of passengers.
In other news a fucking pizza shop can afford to operate a small fleet of aircraft to deliver pizzas one at a time.


"You're gonna get killed chasing after your damn fortune and glory!"

"Maybe. But not today."


Eighteen hours later, the peaceful jungle of the Congo is awoken by...
"I said NO fucking olives!"

Chab Gassie

Clearly the slogan on the back was wrong. They don't fly at all! They just use an airoplane.


pizza $7
distance for dilevery 500 miles
getting the order wrong priceless


Update Alert!
Your handling skill(passive) has increased by +1.
Your flying skill(active) has increased by +1.
Your parachuting skill(active) has increased by +1.
Your shooting fuckers that whine about extra pepperoni skil


Airport Pizza: We'll practically sadomize our moms to make a buck!


The idea of aerial delivery was abandoned after the pizza parachutes failed to deploy. But, life was good for a little while when pizza fell from the heavens.

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