Craptions Classics December 09, 2009

On the opposite side, PETA is protesting the use of monkeys as protestors


Other Craptions

the world's smallest ninja caught on film!! He has already eliminated that one boys leg at the knee


See... i told you European women are hairy...


That's what Chewbacca's been saying this whole time?


This is why you never mail-order an Eastern European bride.

Kelly Robinson

Worst proposal ever.

Brendan McGinley

Monkey see, monkey fuck up missing persons rally.

I'd heard they'd taught an ape to speak in sign language.


Okay I don’t know how you’re doing it cracked, but stop following me! What I do in my free time is a private matter.


Seeking only to teach her sign language, Coco's handlers were delighted with her progress.


If you look at it really hard, that dog kind of looks like an armless shadow-baby with the umbilical cord still attached.


I don't know WHAT they are protesting, but suddenly I want a banana split...


Those who ask "Why a monkey?" are unenlightened. True wisdom asks, "Why NOT a monkey?"


God damn it, next they'll learn to say "no." And we all know where THAT leads.

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