Craptions Classics November 27, 2009

After the Orcs invaded, Christmas became much more fun.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Other Craptions

"Can you have sex with it?"


That's nice of the Thunderdome to provide a kids' play area.

Kelly Robinson

This is symbolic of the Mexican law system.


Twilight fans were tricked into coming, then burned to death on the fire-scale ... Because that's the only clear way to kill a Twilight fan!


The new ride at Disney world has all their lawyers cringing.


After the saw what happened to the "bad kids", none of the children ever screwed with Santa again.

Kamikaze Phoenix

"Now all we need is a volunteer from the audience. Anyone?"

Kelly Robinson

The Canadian Missile Defence system, while archaic, still looks awfully BADASS.


I'd make a Michael Bay joke, but that would make me A FILTHY WHORE.


The second level is way more difficult.


2011 didn't live up to the hype of 2012...


Yugoslavia prepares for Lady Gaga's upcoming visit.


These witches obviously didn't weigh as much as a duck.


I don't know what it is, but you can't take it on the plane...

Kamikaze Phoenix
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