Craptions Classics November 26, 2009

Stan's comment "Well, that's the second biggest frog I've ever seen" never ceased haunting his friends' thoughts.


Other Craptions

They decided not to use the "Kermit getting fucked in the ass by Gonzo" float at the parade. This year...


Miss Piggy is going to be so mad!! who is Kermit going down on anyways?? Strawberry Shortcake?


Every year, I take my kids down Childhood Dream-Crushing Lane where they see such sights as the man who plays Santa getting dressed, and all of their favorite character floats laying dead. Ah, I love the holidays!


It's not easy being green... nor is it easy being riddled with thousands of bullets because you're a giant abomination.


The nets wouldn't hold Kermzilla for long, but with any luck, hitting it with the anti-monster peppermint bat would do the trick...

Kamikaze Phoenix

I'll find your frog for 3000, chief. But I'll catch 'im, and kill 'im for 10000. That gets you the mouth, the legs, the whole damn thing


Happy Thanksgiving, America. Thought we'd serve you the traditional stuffed frog. Love, Canada


Kermit finally falls victim to the Swine Flu...


I still like it better than Peter Jackson's King Kong


One day in Muppet jail, and Kermit learned you never dropped the candy cane soap.


Ahhhh..nothing like an after Piggy mint.


Gary was later told that he, in fact, had not captured the Loch Ness Monster.


Dad thought he'd surprise us this again this year with a new food delicacy for Thanksgiving. When it turned out to be another float from the Macy's parade, Mom decided it was time for an intervention.

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