Craptions Classics May 30, 2006

You know that car sucks when they steal the road and leave the car.


Other Craptions

Attention shoppers. The owner of RZI 95-70, please return to your vehicle. You've left your doomsday traffic-disruptor field on. Thank you.

Chab Gassie

"Grand Theft Auto: Bratislava" left much to be desired.


Turtle Wax releases a new and improved formula - protecting your car's coating against rain, dirt, and A-bombs.


Ha Ha Real funny guys, now which one of you parked my car in a rotting, battle scarred third world country??


After the inital trial test run, Al Quida decided that its reverse car bomb just wasn't practical, efficient, or remotely intelligent at all.


"Great Moments in Traffic Cop History": Officer Bill Lipkin, unfazed by the total lack of roads to escape upon, STILL had the courage to put a tire boot on the illegally-parked car.

Silly Billy

Never try to jack the Godmobile. Just... don't do it.


The other shoppers realized too late that you never, EVER, park too close to James Bond's car.


Slowly but surely, Zdenek began to realize putting on that 'FUCK COMMUNISM' bumper sticker was a bad idea.

Linux fan

The closing shot to the series Lost, left viewers to finally understand that they wasted their life


WHen Al-queda's plan to destroy the car with their heavy artilery failed, they decided to at least prevent it from ever being driven again. "muahahahahahaha, they will never take that lock of!!!!"


Oh, Trafika Napoje, I really love that store, but it's just so hard to find a parking space in that part of town.


And you thought War of the Worlds was about natural resources...


"Mike,... you are The. Luckiest. Son. Of. A. Bitch. EVER!"

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