Craptions Classics May 29, 2006

80% smaller. 40% lighter. 200% kickass-er.

iNuke nano. Which iNuke are you?


Other Craptions

Some people laugh in the face of danger. Others hold it close to their face.

mr mcmurder

As Iran's official nuclear stockpile, Mazdar recieved two goats per annum and his own parade twice a month.

the black knight

Tim realizing this was the closest thing to a gay rally Iran would ever have, he joined


"Don't be intimidated by de size of my rocket... I'm still Ahkmed from de Sprocket!"


Omar frowned. The judges had given the previous entry a nearly unanimous man with mustache out of ten. Could his model rocket compete?

Linux fan

Radioactive condoms, uncircumcised dicks, silly hats - rent a crowd was hitting rock bottom


The St Patricks Day march in Tehran was always very different


back in the distance, Howard had a different approach. He chose to slap the enemies into submission with his big yellow hand.


Only when they were sold off to the highest bidder did it become apparent how much the funding of nuclear weapons was cut in the waning days of the Soviet Union.


Those supporting the cause of white, radioactive dart throwing would not be stopped.


His face was bent to a mask of pure dedication. Little did he know his weapon was a plastic toy.


DANGER: Highly volatile idiot


Hamid was beggining to wonder if his novelty party poppers were in poor taste...


They will all eventually be killed by either the mad Iranians or the even madder Americans - so it's all good

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