Craptions Classics February 02, 2006

The Americans approach. Take out the AT-ATs first.


Other Craptions

Fred was so entranced by the eclipse that the pickpocket had time to decide which credit cards were worth stealing.

Linux fan

While the others foolishly used cameras to take photographs, Larry was convinced that his comb would work just as well.


Make every war, a kodak moment


Though she knew that she was alone on a boat 200 miles from dry land, Lindsey Lohan couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched.


"Mr. Bush, don't you think you are taking Where's Waldo too seriously?"


Phillip took a photo of a cabbage and later wondered why.

Chab Gassie

Dan came to the conclusion that he wasn't the only PI hired to see if Ms Jones was messing around

Rat Boy

"This is the WORST FUCKING Super Bowl seating ever!"

(group of men mumble in agreement)


When told that the Americans were coming and they needed to line up and shoot, the Iraqi Birdwatcher clan were first on the scene, and were the first casualties of the war.

poop on a stick

The Iraqi press gallery sets up for the annual Bagdad wet burka competition.


After spending thirty mintues gazing spellbound into the binoculars, Akbar remembered his mission and blew himself up, killing nobody.


No No No Ming Na! you no play wi' food!!

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