Craptions Classics November 07, 2009

Fred stood there for 15 minutes choking on a mint before anyone noticed that he wasn't breathing


Other Craptions

A more tasteful, thoughful Dr. Manhattan


I do believe my pixelized self happens to be stalking me...


Tobias,you blowhard!


Dr. Manhattan was about to leave Earth for good until he saw that picture where if you cross your eyes you see little 3-D fishes. After that, he focused his energy on finding Waldo.

White musicians always fuck up the blues.

Kelly Robinson

David Blaine held this pose for 4 years. Nobody gave a rat's ass.


12 Smurfs were found slaughtered in the bathroom of a local art gallery today...

I think therefore I am (a waste of taxpayers' money)


Mr. Freeze, Super-Villain and Art Critic, never misses opening day at the MOMA


Police spent 35 years looking for Jimmy Hoffa, until one day when an Art Museum curator asked "Does anyone know where this statue came from?"


Suck on this, Eiffel 65.


Blue Man Groupie


"I don't know, I like this work and all, but I disagree with the artist's use of blue dye that soaks anyone who looks at it."


If not treated quickly, blue balls can spread.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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