Craptions Classics November 03, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt, finding no worthy foe among nature, decides to construct one himself.


Other Craptions

hahaha! it has nipples


This is the suit you have to wear if you want to have "safe" sex with Paris Hilton.


Hilariously, Jebidiah Jetson's last words were also "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"


Tony Stark's hillbilly cousin


That diving suit would be useful for wading through the sea of shit that floods every craption contest. Seriously, 90% of the submissions are lame pop-culture references, or they take an original joke from a Cracked article and beat it to death. "Lad


To Joe's surprise, it sunk to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again!


So I hear they're making a live-action FullMetal Alchemist movie...


"Hi, I'm Chris Hansen. Have a seat right over there."


Those were the good ol' days, when men were men and killing machines were killing machines.


Now I'm not saying that your incredibly, nauseatingly ugly, son, but if you want in the family pictures, you have to wear the suit.

Hi! William Mays here! Do you want all the great pleasure of sex without getting pregnant? Well have I got the product for you! This is the revolutionary CONDOM!


the reason u dont get laid isnt because u build robots its because u wear overalls


I like my robots with a little spunk................on their face

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