Craptions Classics November 01, 2009

Bowser gave Mario an offer he couldn't refuse.


Other Craptions

The Honduras rebels today assassinated President Yoshi, ending a one year reign of homosexual terror. In other news, Princess Peach is still being a bitchy skank.


He's off to put Yoshi's head in Mario's bed.

The part of mario kart you dont see


-Hey everyone! Look to the left! -No We're not falling for that again!


Enjoyed by ancient Aztecs, Mario Cart was one of the first sports. Of course the loser would be beheaded.


Wow, I never made it to guillotine level before.

Kelly Robinson

Now THAT'S a hunting trophy.


Mario Kart: rated M for Mature.


The Wii sword is a bit difficult to control.

Kelly Robinson

Your world is not so "Super" now, is it?!


*The next morning Mario wakes up in bed*....AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!


Don't be a sissy -- it tastes just like chicken


Real Mario Kart was a lot of fun, until someone slipped a banana peel and cracked their head open, dying at the scene.


I said "Yo, she gave me head", not "Yoshi gave me head", and DEFINITELY not "give me a Yoshi head".

Kamikaze Phoenix
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