Craptions Classics October 31, 2009

I once caught a fish, this big! No, just kidding. I'm really here to enslave you all.

Jeff Kelly

Other Craptions

And then it shambled away, leaving the town much the same as when it had arrived. Except that all the frisbees had been helpfully taken off of the roofs. Oh, and the babies had been eaten.


And so the children stacked themselves one on top the other, put on the costume, and awkwardly walked to the liquor store in hopes of buying more sake.


"I can hug ALL of you. Why do you scream and run?"


I always wondered who changed the bulbs in the traffic lights.

Kelly Robinson

"God dammit, Tim. The stilts go on your legs! ...This is going to be the worst white power rally EVER!"


Just wait until M, C, and A show up and we'll get this party started!

Warren Tilson

Jesus's second coming hit some road blocks when he ended up in Japan.


The makers of Miracle Grow would like to remind you that their product is not meant for human consumption.


Watch out! He's armed!

Warren Tilson

The Asian Academy Awards require a bit more shelf space...


Last guy tried to prove that being first is more important that the quality of the craption. Let see if still holds true. Observe – gay.


Can't... hold... these... buildings... much... longer...


Oh my God! You mummified Mr. Fantastic! You bastards!


I TOLD you not to feed Jesus after midnight!

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