Craptions Classics October 26, 2009

Teenage Mutant Chimney Dumpers


Other Craptions

It's Ribbited for her pleasure.


"Hello! ma baby, Hello! ma honey, Hello! ma ragtime gal".


So how's your chimney this morning? And by that i mean your female reproductive organ


How many flies did they give you? Yeah I only got two also. Fuck this neighborhood. Let's try somewhere else next year.

Kamikaze Phoenix

No we don't need any more candy, we need tpo speak to your leaders about an asteroid that's headed, no more candy, what is wrong with your species!!!


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Why is the hot one talking to the autistic one?


Right about now, Santa is wondering why he is covered in frog shit.


1 out of 3 people will be disappointed when the aliens finally arrive.


Talk about shitting a load of bricks...


TMNFWARNBSF - Teenage Mutant Ninga Frogs Who Are'nt Real Ninjas But Simple Frogs


Is it just me, or does the royal family seem uglier each generation?

Kelly Robinson

Ricky, dear, your father is a little concerned about your new friends…


Okay, but you lick one first.

Kelly Robinson
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