Craptions Classics May 27, 2006

Well your horse has full coverage so he will be ok, but your HMO told us we have to shoot you.


Other Craptions

And THIS is your new office, Kevin. And...umm...never mind the horse, he doesn't look for trouble.


A mere three weeks after the grand opening, Frank & Hank's Flower Basket, Greeting Card and Horse Boutique was forced to close due to financial reasons.

Linux fan

Don't you worry, Mr. Davis, we'll get your wife back...somehow...somehow.


the bad news sir, is that your son has turned into a horse.
the good news however, is that he won first prize in the annual county race


You can have a turn with her, Barry, but only AFTER I've finished playing "Veterinarian".


12.30 feeding time for the humans

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