Craptions Classics October 09, 2009

Guitar Hiro

Other Craptions

I... wanna hide and seek all night.... and potty e-ver-y day.


Kim Jong Ill has a new hobby


Just wait. He's about to catch on fire.


You can make fun of the kid all you like, but he's already more metal than anyone who plays Guitar Hero.


Look at that cocky smirk. He still remembers what it feels like to be inside a vagina.

He speaks gibberish and poops his pants...just like Ozzy.


His amp goes to 2 1/2.


Going for a less gay style, Nickleback Recruited a new lead guitar player.


Rock out with your wok out.

Plan B

You see that five year old girl behind him? She just got impregnated with AWESOMENESS.


'Maybe if I hold a guitar and act all metal, nobody'll notice I pooped the shit out of everything back there.'


Already he's more man than Prince ever was.


When he goes into his solo, the Huggies just start piling up on stage.


Hooray! It's Subtle Child Abuse Week!

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