Craptions Classics October 04, 2009

"What the fuck?! 37 wives, and I STILL have to come home to a burnt dinner."

Kelly Robinson

Other Craptions

"Do you really think this was the best way to punish Sergey for shaving in the community pool?"


The last time I tried to introduce evolution theory to the Kansas education system...

Antonio Arrieta

The Amish mourn the death of Darth Vader.

Moses! You must free your- Oh, sorry. Wrong bush.


Smokey Bear is going to have to eat some bitches.

Amish raves suck!


The sign at the end says "You Must Be THIS Witchy To Be Burned In This Fire."


Yeah, that's the reason I don't go to the family reunions anymore

Antonio Arrieta

The Amish tradition to burn a Microsoft computer for being a witch


Viking funerals only work ON THE WATER, you retards.


Ah yes, a mystic culture does an ancient ritual with great meaning and... oh, there's a truck in the background. Fuck this!


How to tell when Oktoberfest has gotten out of hand.


Gypsies, Tramps and Arsonists


I'm starting to suspect this is no ordinary lottery.

Kelly Robinson
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