Craptions Classics May 25, 2006

The infuriated bear raced down the tree. Those humans had tried to steal his hammock for the last time.

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Other Craptions

After the tree incident, Yogi's title as 'Smarter than the average bear' was revoked.

Eric is Bananaman

Realizing that the bear would just eat them, the fire department asked the community for help and then slowly slipped away.

Jay P

The rescuers' earnestness turned to horror as Snuffles began to gyrate against the tree bark.


Although animal services tried to stop them again and again, there were always those people who loved throwing bears up into trees.

Turb Durgalar

"What's the point? Nobody prevents forest fires anymore."

Senor Taco

It took another four hours, and another forty people, but the crowd eventually realized it was easier to simply shoot the bear dead then to rescue it.

No Men.

in a sad attempt to imitate the story of winnie the pooh they ran into some problems...bears just dont trust people like they used to

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