Craptions Classics September 25, 2009

Obama does not care about white people!


Other Craptions

The Water World Theme Park was even crappier than the movie.


Anyone else get diarrhea from that BBQ pizza? Oh, everyone did?

Redneck Venice.


This never would have happened if Pluto was still a planet.


Canadian beaches are the shit.

God provided the mud, its up to you women to start wrestling


Yo Mamma so fat when her water broke she...


They said FEMA was a circus, but I didn't expect THIS.


I came for the Muddy Waters tribute.

Kelly Robinson

I just have to know: how do you flip pizza on the BBQ?


It still isn't enough water to make Aquaman a useful superheroe


No one seems concerned about the two rodeo clowns slowly drowning in their barrels.

The "log flume" is just the nickname for the water around the Port-a-Potties.

William Chase Mitchel

And God said unto Noah, "Go and build and ark out of cypress. And build a small county fair to fundeth it. And sell-eth thy confectionery and popcorn and BBQ pizza. But don't sell anything 'on-eth a stick'. I hate that."

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