Craptions Classics September 19, 2009

Oh, this is the Kanye West award, isnt it?


Other Craptions

Not all Indiana Jones adventures were well documented


Well I know what Chinese restaurant your Mom ate at last night.


The Japanese video for "Dick in a box" had a very limited budget.


Where's the invisible girl NOW?


Located in a Vietnamese convent. It says, "It case of 'Me So Horny', break glass.


I don't know art, but I know what I like.

Kelly Robinson

The symbols read: "Wang"


This box is by FAR the least disturbing thing it's been photographed inside of.


The only exhibit that gets polished three times a day.

Kelly Robinson

Cracked invites you to visit their newly renovated offices.


It's an eggplant people!!! Get you mind out of the gutter!


I said I want you to put a clock on the wall! A CLOCK!!!

Thomas Calnan

Museum of Embarrassing Things to be Killed With


Recently stolen: Police are on the look out for a big asshole.

Thomas Calnan
Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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