Craptions Classics September 16, 2009

That is the second ugliest giant penis I have seen today.


Other Craptions

Tim Burton directs a Sex Ed video.

The Whatthefuckasaurus


The zombie apocalypse also affected giraffes.


aaaaand Gay Week at Cracked is in full swing!


Aww man, someone took the shard out of the dark crystal again.


Recycle your water bottles kids....otherwise Igor the Global Warming monster will get you!


Harold couldn't understand why everyone was paying $5 for bottled water at the concession stand when he was giving it away for free.

William Chase Mitchel

"If your erection lasts for longer than three hours, grows to the size of an adult giraffe, sprouts a hideous face and a mouth full of teeth, please consult your physician."


How lesbians see male genitalia.


Okay, creationists. Do you believe in evolution NOW?

Kelly Robinson

And next we have an example of an erection that was inappropriatly wrapped in plastic


whatever you do.... please do NOT stroke it's neck!


"Eddie the friendly plastic-bottle recycling giraffe-man!" did not go over well with the children.


Snuffleluffagus has not aged well.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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