Craptions Classics September 15, 2009

why so queerious?


Other Craptions

"Have you ever pole-danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

William Chase Mitchel

Let's just hope that when he turns around we can't see the entrance to his Bat cave.

Kelly Robinson

Wanna know how I got these scars? No, I want you to put your pants back on.


They decided to ditch Robin because he looked too gay.


Announcement: There will be no Craptions contest today, as all the fanboys just ejaculated to death.


"Wanna see a magic trick with a, uh... Pencil. Yeah, a pencil."


"I dressed the way you asked, JOKER. Now let Robin go. You don't have him? You know, I didn't think so. I just went along with your demands because... you know, just in case.


"Do you hear the gay jokes? I think I hear the gay jokes."


He's only wearing his utility belt to conceal his "Boy Wonder".


So Nolan signed Seth Rogan as the next Joker eh??


Damn you, Alfred!


This is what really killed Bruce Wayne's parents.


Bastard dad brought his kid to see this. And he's smiling about it.


"Everyone's staring at us. I told you we'd look stupid in rollerblades."

William Chase Mitchel
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