Craptions Classics May 23, 2006

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin celebrates, after his hurricane evacuation buses come back from "Pimp My Ride!"


Other Craptions

Spielberg added the final digital effects and smiled. This was the way he always meant ET to be.


Noticing that he was falling short, Tyler desperately flapped his legs to regain altitude.

Linux fan

Only days after the introduction of the man-cannon, the insurgents had their countermeasure: the bike-cannon.

Tim S.

After episode 103 of the hit TV series "Prison Break" just got silly


After horribly losing the election for President, John Kerry looks for new ways to draw attention to himself


Training for years to beat the world record for number of buses jumped on a motorcycle, Robert left the ramp and was about to reach his goal...
when the rapture occured


The bike had finaly found a good victim, and wasted no time to pull poor Frank downwards to his doom.


"Concentrate on the jump" Thought Dave. But he couldn't get the gypsy women's words out of his head.


suddenly a thought drifted into Mike's head....he was forgetting something..something important....THE RAMP,WE FORGOT THE SECOND RAMP


Just then, hundreds of years worth of aerodynamic theory go belly up as Brian proves the world wrong by flapping his legs instead.

Senor Taco

who said evil knievel was retired?

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