Craptions Classics September 07, 2009

He's still a lot better than Nickleback.


Other Craptions

Jim could not hide the fact that he did not know how to play the guitar


you should see him with the piano


Mike was told he could make money by turning a few tricks on the street.

Kelly Robinson

This is how the US health care debate looks to outsiders


The guitar anti-hero.

Kelly Robinson

You know this guy's cool because he has two spectators. That's almost three spectators!


When I was your age, we used to have to walk like this three miles to school. Uphill. In the snow.


Actually, I just wanted to buy some crack, but this is good, too.

Since when can men multitask?


Hold your applause. No, seriously, hold it. Any sudden noise and I might get myself killed.

You gotta do something to distract the crowd when you break a string.


It's not just a myth: braces can get stuck to just about anything.

Kelly Robinson

There's a lesson to be learned here : if a bum asks you for change, make a ridiculous demand. If he pulls it off, take a picture.


When he turns around you'll see how he's playing the snare drum.

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