Craptions Classics September 06, 2009

"Did you hear that lobster tell that bitch off?" "Yeah, what a badass."


Other Craptions

You know, I don't even care that the world is going to end in 2012 anymore.


Apparently there is something more interesting going on than the grown men dressed as squirrels.


Steve was regretting not touring the campus before applying to this school.


The Martians did a quick scan of the environment and left shortly after. There had been no signs of life.

"This is completely nuts." 'Shut up Tim, you'll get the squirrels all excited.'


I can't believe that guy showed up in a polo shirt.... he looks ridiculous.

You can always peg what groups high school students are in just by how they dress.

Kelly Robinson

Well, that covers all MY fetishes.


I don't know who this rally is for, but he's already got my vote.

Kelly Robinson

Costume City made a huge donation to the homeless shelter.

Kelly Robinson

This is not Sparta......


The possiblities for humorous captioning of this picture are as endless as the days of my virginity.

5 minutes later, Narnia surrendered.


Weird costumes at conventions have now become so commonplace that the dude in khakis and a polo won "Most Original."

Kelly Robinson
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