Craptions Classics August 28, 2009

Stand here for tax audit.


Other Craptions

In communist Russia, ski-lift rides you.


Go go gadget periscope!

"You know, there are subtler ways of telling me skiing is for 'fags'"


Brokeback Mountain: The Ride


Well, I don't want to go skiing THAT badly...

Thomas Calnan

Defecating was way more awesome before Newton invented gravity.


Xtreme sports are running out of ideas

Ski San Francisco!

Downhill skiing goes further downhill.

Thomas Calnan

The arrow really isn't necessary to draw the eye to the huge rod up his ass.

For better reception use your ass antenna.


The rides are free. It costs fifty bucks to get off.


The ski lift operator was sick of being mooned by the teen skiers.

"I don't know how to ski ... and now I never will."

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