Craptions Classics August 24, 2009

Oh thank god Stacy, when you said he was different your father and I assumed you were bringing a black guy home.


Other Craptions

Apparently color was too ashamed to be seen in this picture.


Thanks, eHarmony!


When Frank found out that his blind date was actually blind, he had a little bit of fun.

The first Comicon was the best Comicon


The Grim Reaper's new appearance, to be more hip with the youngsters, never lasted past the 50's.


The Millers went to great lengths to draw attention away from their atrocious wallpaper.

Kelly Robinson

Thanks Sea Harmony!


You see where its pointing. Get busy.


Aquaman's prom picture


Even Death laughs when he sees what he wore in high school


"Get it? Her name is Britney, and I'm holding a spear. Get it now?"

Kelly Robinson

I'm Jewish on my grandmother's side, and my grandfather was a hell guard.


Why no sir, I have no intentions of forking your daughter tonight.


A rare picture of the Evil Lord Golgoroth at rest, sharing a quiet moment with his wife.

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