Craptions Classics August 21, 2009

Somewhere, a mannequin has woken up in a tub of ice.


Other Craptions

A few of Scotty's disastrous early transportation attempts.

I blow off my girlfriend to post exactly at 12:00, and this is the picture I get?


This is what four years and $50,000 to the art institute will get you. . . . still gay.


That wall is armed..... heh


Honestly, I think we have enough proof that that the automatic door closes too quickly.

the The Hills have Eyes 3rd sequel: the Walls have Arms was not as popular as the first two

Sev Squad

Armani handbags.

How not to store a dead hooker


Oh wait! I think my iPhone has an app for this...


Tired of that everyday chic look? Drop the color coordination themes and start scaring the shit out of people with the new serial killer home décor!


One of these is not like the others


No I said ARMOIRE, not arm wall!

Surprisingly, it was not a Redshirt caught in the transporter malfunction.


The wall decided to walk away. It couldn't stand staring at the word 'double' on his ass all day.

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