Craptions Classics August 15, 2009

The chandelier at the entrance to the fertility clinic was not very subtle


Other Craptions

...and he said let there be light, followed by a subtle grunt.


The artist's work has been described as fresh, new and spunky by many critics. It took him only 3 minutes to create according to his wife, a fellow artist.

Pineapple666 where 1:13 means no one will even see your craption.


How dare you accuse me of having sex with lightbulbs. You have no proo-- oh.

...and here come the jokes about sperm.


"Tadpoles," Alan insisted over his friend's snickers. "They're tadpoles!"


"Yeah, no one knows. It was just up there one morning, and fuck if we were going to move it."


The latest upskirt shot of Paris Hilton.


Now I regret telling him to get a hobby aside from porn


Chuck Norris blows a load.


Go towards the light, Megan Fox.

It's as easy as hanging fish from the chandelier ... wait, that's not how it goes...


It took six hours for rescue workers to safely extract the Japanese girls.


Just when you thought chandeliers couldn't get any classier, one made of sperm comes along.

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