Craptions Classics August 06, 2009

I'm picturing everyone in their underwear, but it doesn't help when they point and laugh. **** public speaking.

Other Craptions

Big Ben looked confidently over his human slaves. Finally, it was THEIR turn to tell the time to HIM.


Point to the person rubbing one out to the chick in the middle!


Ah, summer. Time to take off your clothes and play, "Spot the Boner."


England has a surprisingly high Scientologist population.


Tits'o'clock actually is a time of day.

Dunstin Checks Out

Everyone point at the craptioning jackass!


"Ok, Simon says to fly to London. Damn you guys are good! Alright, Simon says... take off your clothes! Damn! Fine, Simon says to lift one arm. Now the other arm! HA, BILL PUT TWO ARMS UP! YOU'RE OUT!"


Point all you like, I'm going to keep snapping pictures.

Thomas Calnan

Britain's fall from world domination was sad... but kinky.


She's making my Ben Bigger.


Look kids. Big Ben....parliament.....half naked folks


They seemed like the right folks to ask for directions to the Underground.


Britney Spears is really running out of video ideas.


And suddenly, for the very first time, the Queen was amused.

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