Craptions Classics August 04, 2009

Now that he won the lottery, he's ****ing all types of girls. And by girls I mean sushi. And by ****ing, I mean dressing up like a Power Ranger.


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Boy, what happens when you win the MASSIVE LOTO?

Tim Parent

Mighty Morphin' Tax Accountants!


I know that I can't read Japanese, but I seriously doubt that the red arrow contains an explanation that would be considered anywhere near satisfactory.


Japan's worst selling porno of all time.


If I don't see 21 naked geisha and a tentacle monster, I'm simply not interested in what your selling.

The next step in the sequence is this guy inside a giant squid's anus.


You can buy a costume and eat huge meals with your winnings, but you will still be eating them alone.


Tonight, on E! Hollywood Story...Power Rangers! Where are they today?

Antonio Arrieta

If I won the lottery, I'd buy a fucking fork!!

Thomas Calnan

Yeah, it turns you into a superhero badass. But it also causes anal leakage. So I guess it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. Before you choose, look at those two words again: ANAL LEAKAGE.


In Japan, even the suicidal office worker is more badass than you. Go ahead, feel terrible about yourself.


From Zero to Hero...Just like that!


Winning the loto doesn't change you, except ....

Tim Parent

....but, that helmet doesn't have a mouth hole...

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