Craptions Classics August 01, 2009

Red Bull may give you wings, but Mountain Dew gives you fucking ARMOR


Other Craptions

He may slaughter you mercilessly, but DAMN, it will be refreshing!


The new mascot for Gladiatorade.

They may take our lives... but they'll never take OUR PEPSI!


Not even Brand Placement stopped the fall of the Roman Empire


He can cause a blue screen of death on a regular television. His grin causes ladies to flee in terror. He is the biggest nerd in the world. I dont always drink soda but when I do I prefer Pepsi.


You don't wanna know where the Dr. Pepper is.

Kelly Robinson

The US Army has devised this new high-tech camouflage for hiding in the enemies fridge.


All this just to try to fight off the Kool-Aid man.


Wow Trojan Man seems to have forgotten what he's really supposed to advertise.


At football games, you get beer hats. At Comic-Con, you get this.


..and that's way you don't bet if you're not certain you'll win


"Madness? THIS IS SODA!"


Well, no I don't have THAT kind of six-pack.

Warren Tilson

Hurry --get some Mentos.

Kelly Robinson
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