Craptions Classics May 19, 2006

They should just stop making Pokemon.


Other Craptions

It would seem Cthulhu has returned to the mortal realm by possessing an organ grinder.


While fighting with his wife, Willi suddenly went Super Saiyan.

Linux fan

And here we see the lesser beardoxiot hunting it's prey, the humble barbershop singer. Once it has latched onto his face it proceeds to make the unfortunate victim die of embarassment.


Colonel Sanders was cloned before sadly dieing. Things went horribly horribly wrong.


it was a good day in the barbershop quartet until they got ahold of that extra hold gell and torture poor jack with it. only one more picture buddy! we promise then we will loosen the ropes try to not to grimace!


Yessirree, in WW two I used this beard to kill me twenty-three germans!


Does this guy ever shave?


When Billy Bob told his uncle to grow a beard, Everything went wrong

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