Craptions Classics February 01, 2006

Whereas most other dogs turn away unwelcome visitors by growling and barking, Bobo preferred to levitate and stare at them until they went insane.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

We all have problems in our lives. Some of us suffer from depression, some of us are schizophrenic, and some of us are haunted by flying beagles that keep stealing our keys.


Some suggested he should have cremated Puddles, but Bill always loved balloons.

Nameless Shitless

Mitch realized his mistake too late. He'd thrown the dog, not the explosive.


"Stay the FUCK away from my wife!"

Pirate Si

"Go-go Gadget Beagle-launcher!"


And so the world finally realised why Doug always kept his mouth closed.


Years later, Charlie would recreate Mr. Wonka's Fizzy Lifting Drink. Unfortunatly, his first test subject wasn't trained to respond to the command "Burp, Dammit!"


No matter how many times it was described to him, Danny Solkov never got the game fetch quite right.


...And stay out!

Dog Lover

It was true that Mitch had a problem with priorities: though teaching his beagle to fly was certainly amazing, many argued that doing so before housetraining it had been an injudicious decision.


Despite a chronic iron shortage in Belarus, the Olympic hammer throwers still got in their weekly practice


WARNING: Objects in craptions are closer than they appear.


Gary was resolute. He WOULD break the dog-spitting record.

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