Craptions Classics July 26, 2009

Man, I hate that dream when you're about to perform the Gay Caterpillar in the traveling circus and you discover to your horror you're in your underwear.


Other Craptions

These commercials are getting out of hand.


The Guantanamo photo you HAVEN'T seen.


Dear Penthouse...


There Will Be Blood-Cells: the musical


You know, Satanists really aren't so bad. Just a little socially awkward.

Jeff Kelly

Every time Grandpa loses his glasses, an entire circus troupe shows up to help him. We're still not entirely sure why, but it's always a good time at Grandpa's house!


"God damn it, Marcus! This is the third time you forgot your costume.. We look like a bunch of fucking retards now."


Interpretive dance entitled "The Menstrual Cycle"


Good work guys; 10 more hours and that Guinness World Record is ours.


When did Slipknot start playing smooth jazz?

umpa lumpa upadee dee I've got another riddle for thee...

Sev Squad

In Hell, you must eternally dance the Extreme Hokey Pokey.

Kelly Robinson

Just because you're paralyzed from the waist down doesn't mean you can't put on a good show.

Sometimes I regret that it's gone out of style to use a big cane to remove an act from the stage.

Kelly Robinson
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