Craptions Classics July 25, 2009

I for one was disappointed when I googled "guy riding panda"


Other Craptions

It's an expensive way to travel what with the price of bamboo these days...

Thomas Calnan

Chen knew it was a bad idea to take his car to the TV show "Wimp My Ride".

This car is not only rare, it's endangered.

Thomas Calnan

That poor guy really got bamboozled by the car dealership.

Do you know why I pulled you over?


Ohhhhhh what a feeling....Toy Panda.


Car accidents on pandas are both devastating and hilarious.


Hi-yo, Ling Ling, away!


The true panda express


Dude, an epic mount!


Personally, I prefer taking the cross town crocodile to work.

Thomas Calnan

My other endangered vehicle is a polar bear.

Stormy Waters

Tekken has really jumped the shark.

Wong locked his doors. He was driving through a bad part of town. Lots of brown and black bears.

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