Craptions Classics July 22, 2009

Republicans were right about gay marriage being just the beginning...


Other Craptions

I don't even want to imagine what kind of car this thing transforms into.


Thanks, eHarmony!


Transformers 3: Robots in Disguise


I know what you are all thinking. "It looks pretty cool, but where do I stick my dick?"


That's it... just roll five more feet and you'll be the first robot to come out of the closet.


They'll never accept our love. We must always hide what we are: a robot and an incredibly well disguised marmot.


We did it, guys! We made the first robot ever designed to feel shame and social awkwardness!


Did the Transformer fuck the Smurf or did the Smurf fuck the Transformer?


A rare glimpse of Stephen Hawking without his skin.


Robo-molestor is 84% successful when stating his lower half is a keg of beer and he's all out of cups.

This year's fashion show was a gigaflop.


Futuristic cocktail parties and Southern murderers of the 21st century were no match for Truman Capotebot 5000.

William Chase Mitchel

"Don't worry Optimus, this way you can mingle with all the other retired Tranformers, play bingo, and there's always someone here to change your oil..."


"It's Not A Purse, It's A Satchel!! ... Robot!"

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