Craptions Classics May 18, 2006

The French version of Dragonball Z lost absolutely nothing in translation.


Other Craptions

Boris caught a glimpse of his partners face in the jumbotron, and proceded to rip his own heart out.


While skating, Clark Kent sensed trouble in the horizon.


Exorcism on Ice

Fun for the whole family!


Ian cringed as he realised that once again his partner was a life-sized troll doll.


Adult figure skating pairs are fiercely protective of their territory, warding off intruders by executing flawlessly synchronized triple salchows while angrily grunting and beating their chests.

Linux fan

Skeletor was mostly known for his evil doings, but in his confued youth he would dress in drag and skate the nights away.

Armored amadillo

Larry knew that he couldn't be called out for unsportsmanlike conduct for grabbing Jennifer's boobs because ice skating isn't a fucking sport.

Giggity giggity

"You looked different on your MySpace page."

"Shaddup and skate."


Not to be outdone by the younger, sexier figure-skaters,... "Old" Nina made a slight faux pas in the singles competition by explosively birthing a strapping young partner from her buttocks.


Sheryl and Dan were caught off-guard in the middle of a blowjob when they were called upon for their routine.


syncronized heart attacks the untold danger of syncronized skateing


Stanlova's face lift fell right on to the ice.Gredenko almost wet himself.


The common figure skater is a cunning and ruthless predator, sometimes stalking its prey from the air for hours, never revealing its presence before escape is not an option.

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