Craptions Classics July 16, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose is a very intense game in Japan.


Other Craptions

Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaake!


I rove it when a pran comes together..


You're all aiming the wrong way! HE'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!


Next person that scribbles on my box, gets it!


What this homeless guy saved on housing he spent on home security.


Seriously? Can't imagine how you guys lost WWII with state of the art stuff like this.


You ever have one of those dreams where you come to work in pyjamas and a cartoon face, and your grade school crush shows up and ignores you like always? Wait, it's probably the LSD.

The most normal thing to take place in Japan.

And why are we afraid of North Korea?


On the set of Japan's next big movie blockbuster: Delta Bukkake Force 7


All this because a squirrel got too close to Obama...


The people in the background have the right idea. It's probably best to ignore them.


This is the only way to know you're safe when everyone around you potentially knows karate.

William Chase Mitchel

this may seem odd but in japan they call this "tuesday".

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