Craptions Classics July 12, 2009

Geeks everywhere said "Fuck it" and just created an Everything Convention.


Other Craptions

"Going somewhere Elvis?" "Yes, Greedo. As a matter of fact, I was just going to see your boss. Tell Jabba that I've got his money."

"Now, don't embarrass me."


"That's the best part about letting my wife come along. Everyone just assumes it's a Jabba costume."

Kelly Robinson

So, what fetish are YOU in line for?


I don't know which is weirder --the petting zoo itself, or the line to get in.

Kelly Robinson

So Elvis, a mexican wrestler and Jabba the Hutt walk into a convention, but no one cares because a REAL LIFE GIRL JUST ARRIVED!

"Oh god. We're in the bathroom line behind Jabba? On second thought, I'll just go outside."

Kelly Robinson

Seriously, dude. She's really hot after a couple beers.


Worst. Threeway. Ever.


"Uh-oh, somebody invited Jabba. If you're planning on having any of that guacamole, I'd get it now."

Kelly Robinson

Does anyone have some salt?


"I can't believe Big Bird and Cher didn't show."

Kelly Robinson

"See, I told you! EVERYBODY comes to this nightclub."

Kelly Robinson

"These nachos rock, but that's the creepiest cheese dispenser I've ever seen."

Kelly Robinson
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