Craptions Classics May 17, 2006

To qualify for the Tokyo police force, you must either:

a) defy the laws of gravity
b) possess ungodly stomping skills
c) roll around on the ground and die pathetically

mike hunt

Other Craptions

Forming letters on the ground with your bodies is a LOT harder in Japanese.


"Hiri! Stop dicking around with the gravity controls back there, you asshole!"


The Japanese Government's top secret experiment was a failure. The ninja clones were deadly fighters, but were nearly useless as assassins due to their predisposition to narcolepsy.

Linux fan

The Chinese version of the Three Stooges was a bit more intense.


Hung sighed to himself as his friends flung themselves wildly behind the counter. It seemed he was the only one of them who knew how to play hide and seek.


Power Rangers tryouts are getting tougher every year.

Drunken Master

Who's winning?

I don't know, they all look the same


Japan recently recieved a new shipment of shoes. Just to mess with them, Americans put flubber on only the right shoes


a scene from the forth coming spy/action film

chewy centre

Step by Step Instructions to the ultimate ninja kick.
1. Hide behind white counter
2. Uncontrollable sobbing
3. Spinning flip kick
4. Examine right knee


Early bullet-time attempts just weren't granted the budget.

monty thrush

"Where did you get those shoes?!"


Uh wo ohhhhooooooo......uh wo ohhhhoooooooo....Yeverybody was Kung Fu Fighting......

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