Craptions Classics July 05, 2009

Whew. I was worried the car industry would waste the bailout money.

Kelly Robinson

Other Craptions

The result of Optimus Prime's mid-life crisis.


And that's why I'm NEVER late for work!

Warren Tilson

Optimus Pimp

It doesn't stop at red lights. It charges them.

William Chase Mitchel

Less than meets the eye.


All this bling, and yet ironically it can only play music on an 8-track.

Kelly Robinson

It transforms into a really gay robot.

Thomas Calnan

Bill was in such a hurry to get the shipment of Zunes to the orphanage that he ran over some cattle, a construction site and a childrens playground just to make the deadline.


Al Gore's New Car Is Causing Confusion.


Guess what daddy got you for your Sweet Sixteen birthday?

Next Years Oscar Pick: White Trash Millionaire.


America, Fuck The Poor!


I see they've chosen Micheal Jackson's hearse.

Warren Tilson

Originally From Transformers 2:Electric Boogaloo

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