Craptions Classics May 16, 2006

The mother kept a sharp eye out for predators as her babies started to hatch.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

Waldo-san Jr. was having a blast. No one could find him now.

Waldo Sr.

Even the fanboys had to admit, Aliens 5 was a major let down.

Drunken Master

...and with a slurp, little Chang became the latest victim of the cunning Basketbeast.


With birth restrictions in China, people are having to find new ways to hide their forbidden children.


When Mao finally put an end to foot-binding, Chinese mothers tried the next best thing: beautiful, spherical babies.


Clitoris boy was one of marvels less popular superheroes.


I choose you Basketchu!

Celestial Gold

UNICEF decided the child slave trade industry was getting terribly out of hand when they saw the first "Buy one, get one free" sale.

Chicken Eatza!

After its creation, scientists realized that the robo-baby was smart. A bit too smart.


It's Wednesday, which means it's Garbage Pick-up Day!

mike hunt

I wonder if my mom knows I'm masturbating...

Billy Binkins

"Hey! Hey! Baby fo' sale! 20 dollah a pound! Big saving! Buy now!"


I just peed in a gay 'chantalla glass


Little jimmy did not believe his mom when she said: "This is where babies come from"

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