Craptions Classics July 01, 2009

which Twilight book is this?

Dunstin Checks Out

Other Craptions

He is the most interesting wolf in the world


4 ball, corner po...SQUIRREL!


"I'll huff, then I'll puff, and then I'll sink the nine in the corner pocket."


The part of Neverland Ranch that even freaked Michael out.


Oh don't look now, but Little Red Riding Hood just walked in. And she's legal now.

He sucks at pool. He always scratches.


No, I think we should go back to the dogs playing poker. Wolves playing pool is just too unrealistic.

Werewolf spotted at Trader Vick's. Witnesses say his hair was perfect.


The Big Bad Wolf's cousin, the Extremely Gay Coyote.


Wile E finally found something he could beat the roadrunner at.


Underworld: The Color of Money


James Bond villains are rapidly going downhill.


Oh shit, don't tell me. It's a full moon out there isn't it? Damn, I wanted to tell you before now. I'm a Canadian.

I don't know why you're worried. He's clearly not a pool shark.

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