Craptions Classics June 28, 2009

Sir, the ship's Gaydar is fluctuating violently.


Other Craptions

Dude, I don't care what he looks like, you don't take a picture of another guy standing at a urinal.


I am here because I am interested in Uranus.

Warren Tilson

Finally! The blue toilet water .. EXPLAINED!


The blue skin says he's Andorian. The hand on the hip says he's gay. The erect antennas says you're next.


So you're telling me all this time that U.F.O. stands for Urinary Function Observer?

And the number one least popular holodeck program is...


Even in the 24th century, immigrant labor still gets the crappy jobs

Tim Parent

I need to go... but I'm not sure if I need to boldly go!

Thomas Calnan

The Loo Man Group never drew a big crowd.

Warren Tilson

Anal probe? Nooooooo, well, okay yes. That's exactly what's going to happen here.

"your test scores were great" they said... "in charge of the most important section of the ship", they said....


And this what you humans call a drinking fountain, eh?

Warren Tilson

My Captain's Log was huuuuuuuge!

Warren Tilson

Andorians turn their own toilet water blue.

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