Craptions Classics June 27, 2009

Finally, someone that Furries can look down on.

Warren Tilson

Other Craptions

June 27, 2009: The Swine Flu transforms into Swine AIDS.


I think I need to reread Charlotte's Web again.

Chernobyl's County Fair 2009 was an outstanding success.

I am a boob man, but not at the moment.

Warren Tilson

They've finally found a star for Disney's 'Octomom.'


Nintendo's Pikmin 3 will be Rated M for Mature.

Bort License Plates

I felt ashamed... after I ejaculated.


The new Trojan full body condom...for when your love knows no boundaries.


That'll do pig... That'll do.

Thomas Calnan

Hey sweety.. You interested in being part of a ham sandwich??

Thomas Calnan

Hi, I'm a Nintendo 64. And I'm a Sega Genesis.


This is an udder disgrace.


I found her on


It's disturbing how many maturbation posts will be left about this's horrifying to think of how many posters are seriously doing it!


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