Craptions Classics May 15, 2006

The White Van already had taken Billy's hand. Now it was just toying with him.


Other Craptions

After several hours of waiting in the engine of the van, Spiderman finally caught Dr Deranged


Grand Theft Auto on Nintendo Wii.

Chab Gassie

Suddenly, he realized that if he hadn't tied his face to a van, he could of gotten away a lot faster.


KITT's older brother, WOW, was just as successful at catching criminals, although he was never quite as popular with the kids due to his penchant for sadism.

Linux fan

When I was your age, we used to have to pull cars to school with our faces, while being mocked and ridiculed, uphill both ways.

Old Miggy

Brendan looked over his shoulder. The mysterious van was still following him. Something was terribly, terribly wrong.


In Russia, car drives you!


It never fails. Step into the store for a minute and somebody ties a gimp to your car.

Senor Taco

What if all cars were like herbie? What if they were facist? The world would be ruled by facist nazi cars.

Crazy Koala

Welsh stalwart, Hugo Jones, trains for the Rugby Union Prop Forward beauty Contest


What would YOU do for a Klondike bar?

le douche

"Are we gonna tell Geoff this isn't the special olympics?"
"When I get my five dollars."

monty thrush

"Damn, I wish I hadn't pissed off that guy who called me 'fatass' on World of Warcraft."



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