Craptions Classics June 14, 2009

Somewhere in the testicles, there is a world, much like our own, where sperm live happily together, married. And when you masturbate, you tear this world apart!


Other Craptions

The wrong way to fertilize a lawn!!

Thomas Calnan

Goddammit, Chuck Norris. Quit ejaculating over our lawn!


Why is it that anytime Cracked readers see something round and white they think sperm?


Arranged marriages for kids have gotten out of hand.

Kelly Robinson

The beginnings of Siamese twins.

Thomas Calnan

It's about time that the lesser-known Greek God Testiceles got his due.


Jackson Pollack makes a snowman.


"What should we play on first? The monkey bars? Jungle Gym? Whale Testicles?"

CRACKED Staff,David Wiens

Plaque reads "Do NOT swallow!"

Thomas Calnan

Every one flinched when Harry yelled "Take a look at my white balls". Luckily, he then pointed at the statue.

At least you won't notice the bird shit


Don't get your balls in a twist!!!


And on the 8th day God created art, and it was bad.


Lets just hope they both want to go the same direction

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