Craptions Classics May 14, 2006

Samantha assured her concerned friends that everything was just fine. She told them that her boyfriend would never hurt her. But they weren't fooled. They saw the papercuts.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

A match made in heaven - he prefered intelligent women and she prefered shallow men


West Point always gets the coolest diplomas.

mike hunt

The relationship was never the same after the steam roller incident


Sheila finally found a guy who didn't mind flat women.

Senor Taco

Jane had a PHD in Advanced Particle Physics but she was still rubbish at relationships.


Sure, she looks happy, but the cardboard cutout wasn't as good at hiding the sadness that had brewed in their marriage.


After he was run over by a bulldozer, she could finally take him wherever she wanted.

No Way!

As a woman in science, the academic world had given her everything, including a complimentary husband.


"I told he's real."

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