Craptions Classics June 04, 2009

Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.


Other Craptions

Somewhere, someone is jerking off to this (Hint: it's me)


After running away from the farm the only work Elsie could find was as a stripper.

So THAT'S a "bull dyke."


My captions aren't funny, I just vote for myself a lot and use a bad pun....Hugh Heifer.

Great, now I've got a T boner.


Ironically, you're supposed to give HER the handjob.

Hank quickly put his Beer Goggles back on.


Due to the recent trend of smaller utters, Hugh Heifer choses a more petite playcow for his Mrs. November spread.


I'm not looking forward to seeing the World of Warcraft live-action movie now.


Apparently Old McDonald had more than just a farm...


After getting ripped by Trump, Rosie O'donnell's could only book gigs as a freak show...


Drag Cow Disease.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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