Craptions Classics May 13, 2006

Adrian was desperate. He had been playing against Neil for hours without winning a single point. I must be doing something wrong, he thought. But what?

Linux fan

Other Craptions

Steve hit the ball and then quickly took out the last ninja with a powerful sideways kick. No way would ANYTHING stop him from winning this year.


In Sumo Tennis you have to make use of every spare second to intimidate your opponent.


Player 1: Dude! You're supposed to be on the other side of the net!
Player 2: I am! It's the lag!"

Chab Gassie

Fianlly, Fred's ability to launch tennis balls from his groin had found an activity where it was useful.

Crazy Koala

Rob found it difficult to play tennis with repelling magnetic shoes.


Later in Intensive Care, with a wound that redefined the term "Tennis Elbow", the guy in blue reconsidered mooning his own teammate.


The double-handed back hand, the drop-shot, the serve and volley and the reverse-forehand were all eventually replaced by the cock-legged cock-eyed sideways sweep serve.


After perfecting the ping pong ball trick he learned from his mother, Jerry was ready for the big time.


A tight-rope-walking tennis player shows utter disdain for those silly ground players.

Jimmy the Gent

This very early version of Pong was rejected by Ralph Baer, it had very wooden graphics and the screen was far too narrow

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