Craptions Classics May 17, 2009

"So, we meet again"

Macho Maddness

Other Craptions

The ad said that she was a horny single mother who was into role playing.


I don't mind going to therapy, but God, I hate waiting in the lobby.

Kelly Robinson

A scary looking lamma, a leather clad biker, a spiky headed guy. But that arab in the blue will be the one that does'nt get through airport security


I'm not going to watch the sequel to Donnie Darko either.


Wait a minute, is that a Klingon approaching a unicorn?? Ridiculous... unicorns don't exist...

Thomas Calnan

Little Jimmy's nightmares have an ultimate showdown.


I told you. If you want to attract the kiddies WITHOUT alerting the parents, dress up like a unicorn!


This is why the neverending story should've ended


this is what happens when you let gays get married.


Stardancer paused. On the one hand, he was the only thing that stood between little Sally and certain death. On the other hand, he knew that little girl spleen fetched a hefty price on the Klingon black market.


Mom. Dad. Jason and I have something to tell you.


Oh, NOW the weed is kicking in.


Star Trek: The Wrath of Uni-Khan.


"Stay back honey, this is daddy's fight"

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